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Greenify apk v1.0 Download

Greenify apk
Requirements: Android 3.1+
Overview: This is NOT the Greenify app itself, it is just a donation portal without any functionality at present. If you are looking for Greenify app, see the list of my apps.

Latest Greenify v1.0 full .apk download

A "Pro" package of Greenify is planned to be released as an upgrade on top of this app. So if you donate (purchase) now, just keep it installed, you will get the upcoming Pro version directly as soon as it released.
Thanks very much for your support!
I'd like to price the donation according the relative commodity price in different countries and areas, but I have little information. If you think the donation price (automatically converted to local currency by Play store) is too high to afford, please mail me about the commodity price in your area. Thanks!

Download Greenify apk for Android