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Redline apk v1.0.4 Download

Redline apk
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Redline is an application that gives you control of your device's performance potential, right at your finger tips.

Full Redline v1.0.4 .apk download

********** YOUR DEVICE MUST BE ROOTED ***********
********* TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MOST OF *********

Redline Features:
-- NEW -- DashClock extension
-- NEW -- Multiple widgets
--Disable/Lock on individual cores
--Control CPU Min/Max clock speeds
--Control Scaling Governor selection
--Control IO Scheduler selection
--Control Android low-memory-killer settings
--Control SDCard Readahead settings
--Control many different VM Settings
--See battery temperature
--See information about your CPU and device state
--See time in state information to know how much your
device is staying at any particular speed.
--Lock out most devices Power HALs and frameworks
from changing frequencies on you (1)
--Display CPU Min/Max/Gov/IO info in widget
--Beautiful holo design to organize all of the controls
and information the application displays

Download Redline apk for Android