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Twin Me! apk v1.0 Download [FULL]

Twin Me! apk
Requirements: Android 2.3.3+
Overview: Create a twin photo of your friends or objects in two clicks!

Latest Twin Me! v1.0 free apk

It's easy! Follow the instructions:

- Hold de phone in horizontal position
- Place the subject in the left frame on the screen and take the first shot
- Hold the camera steady, place them in the right frame and shot again.
- Wait a few seconds and see the funny result! It's a clone!
- The app will try to fix a possible misalignment during the shots

For a better results, try to place the subject in a scene with a detailed background and do not move the camera between the shots.

It's similar to the Samsung Galaxy S "Add Me" cloning feature

Download Twin Me! apk for Android

Mirror 1

Mirror 2