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Marine Aquarium 3.2 apk Download

Marine Aquarium 3.2 apk
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: “Marine Aquarium,” the world’s top-selling tropical fish aquarium on Macintosh and Windows is now ported to Android devices for an equally realistic Live Wallpaper experience!

Latest Marine Aquarium 3.2 apk download

Since its Version 1 release with a screensaver feature, the incredibly beautiful Marine Aquarium has been considered practically the standard screensaver for all personal computer users.

Marine Aquarium features:

- 28 types of tropical fish swim throughout the tank, plus a starfish lounges in its special place.
- The double-width tank is designed in high-definition, full 3D graphics. The presentation is very realistic.
- The crystal in the tank can display two different clocks and the monthly calendar.
- Background colors can be set as desired and saved for three different patterns.
- A bubble column with sounds adds to the reality, and the auto pan function lets the tank float by for a revolving view of the entire tank.
- The zebra moray eel lurks in its secret hiding place. See if you can find it.
Live Wallpaper Setting
Press the Home key and select Menu, tap and hold on the home screen, or otherwise display the Live Wallpapers option and select it. Tap MarineAquarium (trial version) to set the app as your live wallpaper. Marine Aquarium LWP 3.2 apk download.

Note: The trial version of MarineAquarium3.2 give you full acess for 24 hours, and after that you are limited to just 2 basic fish types and not permitted to change them. Tap the “Buy Standard Edition” button to purchase the standard version (includes 10 fish types). Additional premium fish can be added to the tank as optional purchases.

Download Marine Aquarium 3.2 apk for Android