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Grand Theft Auto III Cheater apk v1.2 Download

Grand Theft Auto III Cheater apk
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Allows anyone with Grand Theft Auto III for android to enter cheats into the game. Opens up the keyboard in game and displays a list of cheats available. No need for a physical keyboard anymore, everyone can cheat.

Latest Grand Theft Auto III Cheater v1.2 free apk

Important: For best results set you default keyboard to the original android one (Settings->Language & Input->Default). Keyboards such as Swype don't always work.

1. Open cheater app and press “Start Cheater”.
2. Start the game.
3. While in game press the new “Cheat” button at the top of the screen.
4. Find the cheat you want.
5. Enter it in the on screen keyboard that opens.
6. When you finish playing, open the cheater app again and press “Stop Cheater” to remove the “Cheat” button.

Please note: For the people that have given bad reviews because the guns cheat doesn’t work. It does work but there is no confirmation message like some cheats, try changing weapon and you will have them all.
Grand Theft Auto III Cheater apk download
Also note: The flying cheat for cars doesn’t make them fly; it lowers their gravity so they can glide. This is enough to fly over the broken bridge onto the second island with fast cars such as the mafia car. If you get a tank, it can fly if you rotate the turret and fire backwards while this cheat is activated.

Download Grand Theft Auto III Cheater apk for Android