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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Apk v1.02 Download

GTA Vice City Apk
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: GTA Vice City is very crazy game, you can drive a car, go outside and do whatever you want! It is very interesting and addictive!

GTA Vice City apk

Vice City for Android

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City apk for Android

Here the action is from the 1980s and the people are with big hair funny suits and there is only one man with hawaiian shirt, that will be the top wise guy in the town. Vice City is big and you can go whatever you want - to the beaches, on a disco club, restaurants and virtually any place you want. And thats not the best part - you also can do what ever you want - you can walk on the street, fighting and shooting people, you can drive a car or a motorcycle, swim, drive a helicopter.

Latest GTA Vice City apk download

GTA Vice City Features:
- Realistic graphics with detailed character models
- Updated firing and targeting for a better and easier shooting
- You can customize your controls the way you want
- A lot of missions to complete - this means days of playing Vice city
- Can play with MoGa Wireless Game Controller and USB gamepads
- New and cool Immersion tactile effects
- Easy adnjust your graffics so the gameplay is smooth


Grand Theft Auto VC needs 1.5GB of space!
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Download GTA Vice City apk for Android